We Went to Miss America!

If you would have told us two years ago that we would be heading to the Miss America pageant as official wardrobe providers, we would have never believed it! But we are so blessed to say that is exactly what happened. If you're new to the Wight Elephant tribe, you may not know that this summer we became wardrobe providers for the Miss America Organization and had the opportunity to dress Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. A few weekends ago, we traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey to represent Wight Elephant at the pageant and see who would become Miss America 2019!

The weekend started off for us with the Show Me Your Shoes Parade. Each contestant rode in a car and dressed in an elaborate outfit with even more elaborate shoes that represented her state. Cara Mund led the parade with her rhinestoned Wonder Woman outfit that was to die for! Even though the weather was wet, nothing could rain on this parade.

Sunday evening started off with meeting new friends and catching up with old ones at the Miss America 1921 club. I had the opportunity to talk with former Miss Americas, the head of the USO Metro, and catch up with Matt & Meredith Boyd, Steven Roddy from the Pageant Planet, and Miss America herself, Cara Mund! Of course I wore Wight Elephant to the show and the Rebel pants from our Isle of Wight collection were a HUGE hit! The view of the stage from the top of Boardwalk Hall was incredible and made us even more excited for the pageant to start.

Once the show began, it was excitement, fun, glamour, and entertainment for the next two hours. We had the pleasure of sitting in row 20 on the floor of Boardwalk Hall, so we were up close and personal to the stage, contestants, and hosts. I even made it on TV waving in the audience! There's my 2 seconds of fame. As an opera singer, I was thoroughly impressed with Nia Franklin's (Miss New York) operatic performance and was so excited for her when she took home the Miss America 2019 title.

After the show was over, it was time to head to the after party! Some of the most surprising and rewarding moments of the weekend were being recognized walking to the after party as the owner of Wight Elephant and people telling me how much they love my store's clothing. There is truly no better feeling than being recognized for all of your hard work. At the after party, we were able to meet the contestants, hear Nia speak, and talk with Miss America board members. It was truly a night to remember!

We are so excited and proud to be on this journey with the Miss America Organization and feel so blessed to be able to continue dressing the new Miss America, Nia Franklin. Keep your eyes peeled in the future to see Miss America wearing Wight Elephant!

Continue below for more fun pictures from the weekend!

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