The Wight ReWards Program Is Here!

If you have been on the site recently and noticed a little crown in the corner of your screen, there is a reason why - our Wight ReWards Program is officially here!! We wanted a way to say "thank you" to all of the returning members of the #WightElephantTribe, thus the rewards program was born.
Once you click on the crown, you will be prompted to either sign into your account or sign up. To be a part of the rewards program, you will need to have an account on our site with a valid email address. That way, you can get an email each time you earn points so you know exactly how many points you need until your next reward! 
After you create an account, you will automatically receive 50 points just for signing up! How easy is that?! If you already have an account, you will automatically have those 50 points as well. There is a tab that shows you all of the different ways you can earn points to put toward your rewards. Every dollar you spend in-store or online will earn you another point, liking our Facebook page will earn you another 50, following our Instagram is another 50, and sharing our Facebook page gets you ANOTHER 50 points! So simple! If you do all of those steps, you will already have 200 points and you get the first reward at 250! So. Close.
Now for the good part. Once you earn 250 points, you will get $10 off your next order! If you don't want to redeem those points and want to save up for a bigger discount, there are more rewards for you to earn. 500 points will get you $20 off, 1000 points is $50 off, and if you love us so much that you earn 2000 points, you will get ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS off your order!! If you choose to redeem your first 250 points, you will then start back at 0 and be ready to keep earning. But say you have 300 points and redeem the first 250 - you will still have 50 points to your name! It's that simple. The best part? You can get your friends involved too!
When you sign into your account, you can spread the Wight ReWards love with a link to share with you friends that will give them a 10% off coupon to use in-store or online. If they use the 10% off, you will automatically get $10 off your next order! 
Now, the only limitation is that you have one year to spend your points from when they’re earned. So many rewards, so little time!! That means it's time to start earning those points girlfriend! 
Thank you so much for your continued love and support. We want to make Wight Elephant Boutique the best boutique and experience for everyone, and we are so excited to thank you all with our Wight ReWards Program.
Much love,

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