136 South Pa Ave

Wow, I actually cannot believe that I am writing this right now. In case you missed the news, a few weeks ago we announced that we were going to be opening our second location! This opportunity was one that we definitely were not expecting, but it was one that we could not pass up. Our second Wight Elephant location will be located in Downtown Greensburg at 136 South Pa Ave, but don’t worry our Irwin location isn’t going anywhere. Now we will just be having twice the fun! Our Greensburg babes are definitely in for a treat, this storefront is going to be about 3 times the size as our flagship store. With some behind the scene perks, this location is going to be our operating hub. We will be able to have a processing center for both locations and our online orders, as well as a photo studio for the website and social media posts!

We are absolutely in love with the building we will soon be calling home. It is a historic building (just like our Irwin location) that is being renovated and brought back to life. Along with the storefront, there will be apartments available for rent above us, as well as a gorgeous rooftop garden - don’t worry your feed will be filled with photos. This is such an exciting time for us and we are excited to be sharing it all with you guys. If it wasn’t for the endless support from each and every one of you, this would not be possible. So we want to make sure you are able to enjoy this time as much as we are. We will be documenting the entire renovation process and sharing behind the scene secrets with you. For everyone wondering when the grand opening will be, we do not have a date set yet but we are aiming towards the end of July/ beginning of August. Be sure to follow us on all social media to keep up to date as we become the proud owners of two locations!

I just want to thank all of you guys again, from the bottom of my heart. You have turned this little dream of ours into something bigger than we ever expected. Two stores in a year, yeah we got this!!

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