Final Renovations Recap!

This first month at the Wight Elephant Boutique storefront has been such a huge success and we are so proud of our little boutique! For those who have not been able to make it to the store, here is a little sneak peak into the Wight Elephant Boutique! Our beautiful window display was designed by yours truly and our incredibly talented visual merchandiser, Donna. We change the mannequins in the window weekly and this is definitely one of my favorite things to do at the store. Putting different pieces and outfits together to make the perfect display is so much fun!

Once you walk into the store, we transport you into your wildest shopping dreams! One of my main focuses was to make sure that there was a lot of light and color throughout the store. Having the original brick and the ceiling exposed definitely adds such a unique and beautiful element that we just love. Our dressing room is tied off by a gorgeous curtain made by a dear family friend of ours, and it has the best selfie lighting EVER!

You have to make sure that you make it over to our flower wall for the most Instagrammable photos! Fun fact: my boyfriend and I spent over TWELVE straight hours (yes, twelve) putting this wall together. So you can definitely say this is one of my favorite parts of the boutique!

While browsing, be sure to take a look at our adorable bellhop cart! This houses our Isle of the Wight collection from London and Australia. Now all you have to do is come and check us out for yourself! We are located on 300 Main Street, Irwin, PA. See you soon!

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